In 2016

both Josh and Caleb Etheridge found themselves working well outside Northeast Louisiana’s friendly confines to provide a living for their families. Both eager to put down roots back in the place they call “home”, daily conversations led to planning and then finally, a bold decision: to begin their own utility installation company in Northeast LA.


As EPC began to operate

Josh and Caleb realized they were seeing steady growth while others in the space were struggling to sustain steady work at all. The secret lay in not only the safe and reliable work they provided, but their diversified customer model: no one network operator had enough work to keep any decent-size contractor busy, but if you pooled all their needs together you could keep several crews busy all year long.

Network operators caught on too, and the old days of having to package up several small jobs together in order to convince out of town contractors to come serve them were long gone, they had their local solution. Fast forward 6 years, and EPC still utilizes this model wherever they go by taking the local diversified approach a step further; offering formalized training to build a local workforce in any long-term market they serve. Just recently, EPC’s model was adopted at both the state and federal level with awards being granted with preference to those operators who utilize a local workforce to the areas in which they apply to build. The results are in, going local wins.

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Areas of service include:
LA, TX, OK, AR, MS, & AL



Live Safe
  • Proactive over reactive
  • Continual focus, always on the lookout
  • Positive behaviors lead to positive outcomes
Customer First
Do the Right Thing
Be a Team Player
Be Productive


EPC was conceived and operates to provide anyone who desires to provide for their families through the work they do an opportunity to do so. Everything we do revolves around the vision of a company that provides safe, quality work, driving customer demand that ultimately results in the creation of new job opportunities in the markets we serve.


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