EPC Embarks on World-Class Benefits Initiative

Our 2024-2025 benefits cycle went into effect on June 1, 2024. As we we preparing to shop benefits rates for employees, EPC leaders made one thing abundantly clear: build a world-class benefits offering for employees. With that in mind, our team looked at many different components which contributed to an overall benefits offering. We know this means more than medical, dental, and vision insurance, so we put together a comprehensive offering to improve the lives of our employees while reducing their out of pocket costs significantly.

  • Improved employer contribution for medical coverage from $250 for employee-only coverage to offering 75% employer contribution for any medical plan chosen (employee only, employee + spouse, employee + children, or employee + family). An employee on the Family plan option saw an estimated savings of more than $660 per month!
  • We offered a company-paid $25,000 employee life insurance plan to all of our employees, with the opportunity purchase additional coverage at a discounted premium in line with EPC’s established rates.
  • We improved our plan offerings from $2,000 & $5,000 deductible plans to offering a single, $750 deductible premium plan offering. This plan improvement allowed us to put a plan in place which significantly reduced that maximum out of pocket costs our employees could be subjected to through the medical program.
  • We revamped our incentive programs to include all employees across our organization. Many of our incentive programs are 2- and 3-tiered systems which allow for incentive payouts on weekly, quarterly, and annual terms. These incentive structures are tied to safety, quality, production, and performance goals. At a minimum, these incentive programs offer employees an opportunity to earn an additional $18,000-$24,000 per year in performance-based bonuses.

And that’s just the beginning. We’re working diligently behind the scenes to identify the next big things to contribute to our World-Class Benefits initiative as we expand our operations footprint across the Southeastern Region. Ready to join a team focusing on building accountability, improving work relationships, and rewarding safety and high-performing mentalities? Visit our CAREERS page to see our openings and get the process started!