EPC Focuses on AI to Increase Efficiencies

In a joint event with other industry leaders across Northeast Louisiana, nearly a dozen leaders from EPC participated in an advanced-level AI (Artificial Intelligence) training program in order to introduce ideas on how to use AI to increase efficiencies.

Led by Severin Sorensen with ePraxis, this course is designed to provide an in-depth review of artificial intelligence via “The AI Whisperer for Business” workshop. It introduces “the far-reaching impact of AI in business sectors, leveraging live polling to tailer the subsequent content to the participants’ preferences.”

After the session, Heather Richardson, AP Supervisor for EPC followed up stating, “I thoroughly enjoyed the session, found it very helpful and educational. I enjoy learning new techniques and making EPC bigger and better.”

Upon completing the workshop, EPC enrolled the majority of its leaders to ChatGPT subscriptions to allow them access to start building AI-supported databases. Using this program successfully will allow our teams, from Project Management to Accounting/Finance, Human Resources, and even Sales, to build databases of key business process information so improve processes. This will allow us to streamline time-consuming roles such as estimating or bid preparations, lead generation, job description writing, compensation analysis, and so much more!

Be Productive is one of our Core Values. We are firm believers of a “no excuses” mindset and we work diligently to plan and prepare effectively and intelligently, and we are committed to working collaboratively to focus our efforts in the right areas. The use of AI allows us to continue building on this Core Value and opens us to more innovation and entrepreneurship in our processes.

EPC is always looking for opportunities to increase efficiencies, remove barriers, and develop its leaders across all lines of business. Our focus on AI to increase efficiencies is just one of the many ways we’ve implemented a creative, forward-thinking culture to help propel us to the next level. If you’re looking for your next opportunity to grow as a leader, visit our careers site to view all of our openings.